Canopy hangout by Carlos Pérez Naval, Spain. When Carlos’s family planned a trip to Panama’s SoberaníaNational Park, sloths were high on their must-see agenda. They were not disappointed. For several days, from the observation deck of the park’s canopy tower, Carlos could photograph not only birds but also this brown-throated three-toed sloth –the orangefur andthe dark stripe on its back marking it as an adult male. It hung out in a cecropia tree, resting but occasionally moving, slowly, along a branch to reach new leaves. Onthis morning, with the forest cloaked in fog and the sloth on the move, Carlosdecided on a new composition. Climbing down, he shot from a lower level but at an angle that would still show the sloth’s key features –its three hooked claws clamped to the branch, its characteristic mask-like eye-stripe and its long, coarse fur. But bydeliberately placing it in one part of the frame, he also captured the atmosphere of the forest –‘the sloth in its environment’.