Circle of life by Alex Mustard, UK. In the clear water of the Red Sea, a shoal of bigeye trevally circle 25 metres (80feet)down at the edge of the reef. For the past 20 years Alex has travelled here, to Ras Mohammad –a national park at the tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula–to photograph the summer-spawning aggregations of reef fish. ‘The big lure is that Ialways see something new,’ he says. This time, it was the high numbers of bigeye trevally. Their circling behaviour is a dating exercise prior to pairingup, though it also deters predators. Spawning gatherings like this are easily fished out –but not here, as the national park is a no-fishing marine reserve. Using a lens system with a 130‑degree angle of view, Alex captured the shape of the shoal against the deep blue water below, the iridescent angled fish reflecting the light from the sun and his strobes.