Vaida {Fashion Addicted}

Wednesday 24th June, 2015

Little girl in a big world with passion for fashion Vaida from FashionAddicted.co.uk shares her favourite London places. And much more.

Best piece of advice I've ever received

Do it, love it and never stop to do what you love.


Eating out

Wagamama for a quick dinner. Sushi Samba for a special evening.



&other stories, FCUK, little vintage shops at Shoreditch.

Most romantic moment

My engagement was the most romantic and exciting moment. We were in Paris, in Parisian artist's flat just lying in a bed and looking through huge windows and my boyfriend asked me to marry him.

Best for a first date

It depends on a person really. My first date with my husband was at Starbucks :)


Best compliment I've ever been given

You are not just beautiful but smart as well.

For a night out

I am not a club person really. Couple of years ago my favourite place for an evening out was 1001 cafe, I still pop in now and again but mostly just during day time.


Favourite London pub

Brew Dog at Camden, although not sure if you can call it a pub :)

Most wonderful London discovery

A little japenese/chinese place near Bermondsey, I even don't know the name. I had a photo shoot near London Bridge in winter and we ran in to get some warm tea. I loved it. It was such a cosy place.


On the bookshelf

Probably the best book I have read was The Picture of Dorian Gray.


Movie I’d recommend

The Intouchables.


Music discovery

Nowadays I quite enjoy Blues.


Perfect time out

Dancing on the beach at sunset with my husband.

I’d like to go out to dinner with

Angelina Jolie. She is such an inspiring woman.


To an afternoon tea I’d invite

My auntie. Love to sit with her with a cup of tea and talk about spiritual things.

Guilty pleasures

Almond Croissant. I try to eat healthy so almond croissant is my guilty pleasure. I have it once in a while.



Channel Chance. I love it. It's my number one for the last 6-7 years.


As a Mayor of London

I don't think you can change much on your own even being Mayor of London. I think pretty much everything is corrupted so as somebody once said ‘I would fire all my staff and triple all my pay then take a holiday for 2 month until the press get bored and find someone else to bother’ :)



Try to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.

Vaida’s blog: www.FashionAddicted.co.uk


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