The Italian Job. Simone Caporale {creative bartender at Artesian}

Monday 18th May, 2015

Italian Simone Caporale is a creative bartender at multi-award winning bar Artesian, Langham hotel. And he is mixing it amazingly well in London.

Best piece of advice I've ever received

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, if you really love it - you will do your best.

Eating out

I recommend Union Street Café, the restaurant run by my dear friend and head chef Davide DeGiovanni. Pure and intense Italian experience especially with the products of Piedmont, good open space, great vibe. Also go to Ametsa: it is like Spain near Hyde Park Corner - great Spanish dishes created by chef Arzak.

Food shopping

At I Camisa & Son in Soho. The smell of fresh egg pasta and ravioli reminds me of childhood.

Most romantic moment

My wife Melissa entered Artesian bar with a cake for my birthday. She managed to turn off the lights of the whole hotel floor (don’t know how) and suddenly 400 people sang along to wish me happy birthday. The romantic thing is what a person can dare to do for the one she/he loves.

Best for a first date

Come to Artesian Bar. I'm taking care of the rest! I'm known for introducing people to each other at the bar and then they get together, even marriage happened last year.

Best compliment I've ever been given

The one that every bartender should aim for: we had a fantastic time here, this bar is the best.

On the bookshelf

Anatomia del Mezcal - a botanical guide on the different varieties of agave plants from which tequilas and mezcal is distilled. For those in food industry I'd suggest to read Brazilian Fruits and Cultivated Exotics (for consuming 'in natura') by Harri Lorenzi, Luis Bacher, Marco Lacerda, Sergio Sartori and Les dîners de gala - a lavishly illustrated vintage cookbook, featuring Dali’s intensely erotic etchings and paintings. Yes, the one and only Salvador Dali.

Movies I like

The Italian Job (1969) or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). I love to get lost in my imagination and free it from preconceived rules.

On a dance floor

I'm a fan of punk rock bands from the 80’s and 90’s. Although I just came back from a research trip from Brazil and definitely can't deny that samba keeps your mind well.

Perfect time out

With my sexy latina wife Melissa having a cocktail, not too many drinks though. I had a perfect evening last night: live music such as blues and latin american. Burning calories on the dance floor much better than a boring gym.

I’d go out to dinner with

Spanish chef Ferran Adria. The things that he has done with his team opened my eyes on how to approach different situations on daily basis.

To an afternoon tea I’d like to invite

Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, originator of afternoon tea. I think she was very cool, a symbol for the young female crowd of the 1800. Like a Paris Hilton of the 19th century. I would invite her to Langham hotel, that's were she originally throw the first ever afternoon tea party outside of her house.

Guilty pleasures

Guacamole, juicy cheeseburgers, ravioli or gnocchi.


Terre d'Hermes and Bergamot 23 (from Le Labò). I am a fan of perfumes that evoke notes of musk, cedar wood, bergamot.

As a Mayor of London

I would decrease the price of properties, a little bit. Hopefully more people can secure a mortgage. I'd also release a more flexible approach on alcohol licenses and opening hours of food and beverage establishments especially in the Westminster and improve the standards of public educations in the various neighbourhoods.


Be yourself, be respectful, reinvent and make things better for your work, career and personal life. Salute!

Little black book

♦ A bartender should provide all kind of information to a bar guest. Well, almost any kind avoiding to get in trouble. I have list of fine dining restaurants, clubs, specific shops, places to buy cigarettes at 3am, 24hours restaurants, 24h pharmacies etc.

♦ I love The Scotch club of St James.

♦ Project club - 78 Wells Street, W1T 3QL. Best night is Tuesday.

♦ The Box in Soho - 11-12 Walker's Court, W1F 0BD. Show starts at 0:00.

♦ Libertine club - 4 Winsley Street, W1W 8HF.

♦ Maddox club - 3-5 Mill Street, W1S 2AU.

♦ Cafe KaiZen - 17 Hanover Square, W1S 1HU. Lounge bar from 3pm which turns to be a club till 3am. No entrance fee.

♦ After party clubs: Beat club (48 Margaret St, W1W 8SE) and APM {Always Past Midnight} (Zinc, 31st Floor, 101-103 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DD).

Follow Simon on twitter (@caporalesimone), instagram (simonecaporale_). Website: simonecaporale.com

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Watch Simon masterclass at City Space bar: 

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