Business Not as Usual. Aiste Naujokaityte, Client Director

Tuesday 31st March, 2020

My career is

I work as a Client Director for MIT Ventures. MIT supplies companies with employee engagement solution that helps reduce staff turnover, increase staff motivation/performance and help get more and better talent onboard. Aside from the obvious operational improvements the effect on the bottom line can be huge with savings on recruitment, training and operational costs not to mention a bigger chance of gaining more work. In addition, we offer companies the opportunity to save even more money by utilising some of our business services (payroll, employment law).

What challenges I’m facing

My day-to-day role is meeting clients. Personal contact, relationship building and face-to-face meetings are the biggest part of my job. New legislations and social distancing measures made it very difficult and of course that raised concerns and I had readjusted to the new way of living and doing my job. Our offering is unique and as such is best delivered face to face. Every single one of us went through stages in dealing with the crisis we are currently facing. Stage one denial. Stage two panic. Stage three acceptance and adjustment. Hence the challenge that I have is distinguishing at what stage every single one of my clients are in so I can communicate and help them accordingly. Nothing is better than having an opportunity to shake someone’s hand, sit with them around a table and learn about their challenges and business - anything other than coronavirus!! However collectively we adjust and learn the new ways of communication.

What opportunities I see

None us of ever have enough time for everything. Something is always left behind or overlooked. I see an opportunity for every single business now, to plan ahead, finish projects that were disregarded. Go back to the basics. Look at your staff – often the biggest asset to any business. What can you do for them today, that they will appreciate forever after the crisis? This is your opportunity. This is my opportunity to make a difference and help where the help is most needed today. Our offering is genuinely transformational and with the current crisis we have clients who are surviving because of what we do.

I also see an opportunity to finally give social media some good press and use it for the good of the world. That is how we can all keep in touch and help each other through this challenging time. Imagine what quarantine would have looked like 20 years ago?

The new skill I'm learning 

The new skill I have picked up is planning. I have always used Google/Outlook calendars to plan my schedule. However, the rest was pretty much scattered in my head. Every afternoon just before the end another day working from home, I plan the following day. To do lists, short description and ideas how I can improve or influence a particular situation. This keeps me focused, less distracted and excited for the next day.

My top productivity tool

It’s important for me to do my to do list on a note pad. The most vital tools are our phones, iPads and laptops. However, if we are on it all day it can become a bit exhausting. That’s why my new tool is a basic notepad. In a digital world most of us have moved away from basic notepads, but now, when we have more time than we ever did, writing something down is actually therapeutic.

I’m reading

I am currently reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. A book that I pick and read over again and again at least once every couple of years. We know that everything has a beginning and the end, hence this book reminds me every day, that you can’t get away from the current situation, but you can adjust and actually enjoy it.

What I'm doing to overcome anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us are no stranger to and with everything going on right now, it’s not difficult to let it take over you and I am very familiar with that. What helps me overcome anxiety is having a routine. Planning your day, having a routine, exercising, looking after yourself and adjusting to the situation. Don’t stay in your pyjamas all days. Get up, have a shower, put some make up/aftershave, be creative in the kitchen, surprise yourself.  You have a chance now to enjoy your own company!

My tips for businesses

All of us are going through a tough time. I’m certain that every single crisis brings new opportunities. Businesses that adjust and look at the bigger picture usually come out as leaders during recession periods. Staff is the biggest asset for most and they are a direct reflection of the business. Look after them and keep them informed and not in the dark. Do what you can to support their physical and mental wellbeing. Loyalty and motivation can go far, do not underestimate that.

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